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McKinsey: Missing Innovation Skills

Updated: Mar 9, 2020

Skill Surge Reidentified

As a topic of interest to organizational leaders The Future of Work continues to be front and center for many.

Since we have been delivering Future of Work related skill-building for several years, as well as designing customized learning programs for client organizations, we are always interested to see any new reports on the subject. We are particularly in those reports that engage in making anticipatory suggestions regarding important present/future work skills.

It appears that McKinsey has decided to enter the Future of Work arena with this new report stating “demand for soft skills is beginning to surge.”

This new McKinsey report aligns with numerous others in pointing out a list of important skills, that in this instance includes:

Problem Solving

Critical Thinking

Innovation & Creativity

Ability to “deal with” Complexity

Ability to “deal with” Ambiguity


Our Humantific clients will know that these are skills that we are already teaching in our Complexity Navigation Program!

Seeing organizational leaders in every industry facing continuous change, rising complexity and information overload we created the Complexity Navigation Program in 2008. Since then we have worked with many many organizational leaders driving change and building changemaking capacity in their organizations.

As practitioners teaching these skills we notice that these higher cognitive skills often being referred to as "soft skills" in the marketplace, are actually hard to walk in the park there!

For many organizations the future is arriving much faster than anticipated!

Happy to have a conversation regarding your organizations innovation skill-building needs.

To learn more about the Humantific Complexity Navigation Program send us an email kickitup (at) humantific (dot) com.


Image Source: Internet / Missing Skills from the McKinsey Report.


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