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Navigational Humans Needed

Updated: Feb 20

Launching New Introductory Workshop

Is the future of work arriving faster than your organization anticipated?

In recognition of the accelerated, growing need within organizations to jump-start new ways of thinking, seeing and doing, we are launching a new one-day introduction to our Complexity Navigation Skill-Building Program

Humantific has been helping organizations stay on top of innovation capacity building since our founding. Folding in years of practical experience, this introductory workshop is designed to broadly ignite - or reignite -  your organization's journey to a 21st-century workforce. 

New perspectives gained from the workshop include: 

How to move from single engine efficiency to dual engine adaptability.

How to frame challenges free of baked-in assumptions.

How to gain empathetic understanding of customers/stakeholders.

How to construct and lead cognitively diverse teams.

How to make sense of complex issues visually.

Let's accelerate this capacity building together!

To schedule your workshop or to learn more, contact us at kickitup (at) humantific (dot) com or +1 646 727 4410.


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