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Navigational Humans Needed

Updated: Oct 8, 2020

Launching New Virtual Introductory Workshop

Is the future of work arriving faster than your organization anticipated?

Ahead of the future work curve it was in 2008 that we created and launched Humantfic's Complexity Navigation Program. Designed for organizational leaders to build sensemaking and changemaking skills directly related to, not theory, but rather their Everyday Complexity the program intersected a growing recognition that sensemaking and changemaking are a continuous organizational need. Complexity Navigation capacity differs from Agile capacity , Conventional Design Thinking capacity and Traditional Creative Problem Solving capacity.

Recognizing that the need for such skills has been accelerated by Covid we are introducing a new virtual introduction to our Complexity Navigation Skill-Building Program

This is experiential skill-building, not theory lectures. Folding in years of practical experience, this introductory workshop is designed to broadly ignite - or reignite -  your organization's journey to a 21st-century workforce. 

Full Programs Skills:

Adaptive CoCreation

Open Framing

Complex Facilitation

NextGen SenseMaking

Systemic Challenge Mapping

Cognitive Inclusion

Empathetic Activation

Cross-Disciplinary Orchestration

Complex Problem Solving

Navigational Leadership

New Perspectives Gained: 

How to move from single channel decision-making to dual channel innovation.

How to move from single engine efficiency to dual engine adaptability.

How to frame challenges free of baked-in assumptions.

How to construct systemic challenge maps.

How to gain empathetic understanding of customers/stakeholders.

How to construct and lead cognitively diverse teams.

How to make sense of complex issues visually.

How to conduct complex facilitation

How to lead by complexity navigation

Let's accelerate this capacity building together!

To schedule your virtual workshop or to learn more, contact us at kickitup (at) humantific (dot) com or +1 646 727 4410.



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