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Humantific in Bangkok

Updated: Jan 15

Alignment via Complexity Navigation

We are delighted to be back in Bangkok working with our global enterprise client collaborators tackling alignment across diverse geographies.

In times of great external world change many internal shifts are often underway in response to the ever shifting VUCA. For many global companies, aligment around shifting strategies and initiatives is an ongoing, often complex challenge involving both sensemaking and changemaking among many stakeholders.

Not a walk in the park, this work requires skills and tools syncronized with the level of complexities being faced internally and externally.

At the core of what we are doing 99.9% of the time is operationalizing the organizational goal of proactive adaptability....via adaptive capacity. At the core of adaptive capacity is Complexity Navigation. These are the skills, tools and behaviors that bring adaptive capacity to life....making it operational.

At Humantific we define Adaptable Capacity as the organizational ability to proactively drive change and continuously address complex challenges beyond product, service and experience assumptions.

In this regard we very much appreciated an article recently published in Harvard Business Review entitled Curiosity, Not Coding: 6 Skills Leaders Need in the Digital Age.

If your organization is facing complex alignment challenges feel free to connect with us. kickitup (at) humantific (dot) com.

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