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Humanizing Digital Transformation

Updated: Jun 14, 2022

Building Adaptive Capacity

As a new normal arrives in the face of VUCA we are seeing lots of interest in integrating the human side of innovation into ambitious digital transformation initiatives underway inside global organizations. Organizational leaders increasingly recognize that technology is only one aspect of digital transformation and without the human part, not much changes in the direction of forward motion and adaptability.

This month our Complexity Navigation teaching faculty team is traveling to Rome, Cairo, Dubai, Madrid and Istanbul to deliver in-person workshops for client organizations proactively engaged in skill-building.

While many organizations have digested basic innovation skill, many are eager to move on to deeper, more robust, more coherent, more advanced skill, as part of their building sustainable adaptive capacity synconized to the complexities of VUCA.

Deeper, customized, accelerated, adaptive innovation skill-building seems to be of interest to many organizations looking to proactively get reorganized for a new emerging era.

"Leaders who set out to reshape their companies to compete in a fast-evolving digital world often come to a daunting realization: To transform their organizations, they must first transform themselves...However, the qualities they need to develop aren’t the ones you might expect. 71 percent of 1,500 executives we surveyed in more than 90 countries said that adaptability was the most important leadership quality in these times.”

"Leadership Qualities Necessary for the Digital Age




Comfort with ambiguity"

We believe that making sense of everyday complexity, navigating everyday complexity has become essential to all forms of changemaking leadership today. Navigational process mastery is one key to adaptability.

Is the future arriving faster than you anticipated?

We are with you!

Confidential: Much of the transformation and innovation capacity building work that we do with organizations around the world is strategically confidential. We are thinking partners, innovation skill-building partners, inclusive culture building partners.

Questions? Email: kickitup (at) humantific (dot) com

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