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Humantific in Greece

Updated: Jan 15

Humanizing Digital Transformation

Seeing lots of organizations proactively gearing up for the arriving new normal...We are delighted to be back in Greece doing physical face-to face Humanizing Digital Transformation workshops.

"71 percent of 1,500 executives we surveyed in more than 90 countries said that adaptability was the most important leadership quality in these times.”

"Leaders who set out to reshape their companies...come to a daunting realization: To transform their organizations, they must first transform themselves..."

"However, the qualities they need to develop aren’t the ones you might expect."

"Leadership Qualities Necessary for the Digital Age: Adaptability, Curiosity, Creativity, Comfort with ambiguity"

Confidential: Much of the transformation and innovation capacity building work that we do with organizations around the world is strategically confidential. We are thinking partners, innovation skill-building partners, inclusive culture building partners.

Get in touch to learn more about Humantific skill-building programs: Email: kickitup (at) humantific (dot) com

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