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"The State of Sensemaking"

Not Exactly :-)

Happy end of summer Humantific readers. This week we are reflecting on the evolving and increasingly bumpy subject of sensemaking. With so many folks jumping into the topic of sensemaking today there is inevitably going to be added complexity arriving around this subject. In this context there are bound to be hit and miss publications, some of which clarify, while others tend to muddy the waters, confusing readers. Some expand, while others compress what the subject already is. Some take the subject off into the weeds. It is sometimes a little startling to see newly arriving folks jump directly into instant expert publishing, but so be it in a wild-west self-publishing marketplace.

With presumed good intentions, we noticed the folks over at Rebel Wisdom have jumped into the community conversation around sensemaking and have recently, published a new pod-cast series ambitiously entitled: “The State of Sensemaking”. Contained within are numerous interesting thoughts, many deeply buried, and certainly a few head spinners.

Happy, in this limited format to offer up to our long standing, innovation leadership oriented Humantific readers just a few clarifications:


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