Helping People Make Sense of Complexity

and CoCreate Positive Change




Helping individuals, teams and organizations to:


    - Tackle complex fuzzy monster challenges

    - Frame with an open-aperture approach what
      the challenges actually are

    - integrate data & info into the innovation process

    - Envision the future of your company and industry

    - Align diverse disciplines and stakeholders

    - Codesign engaging change initiatives






Helping individuals, teams and organizations to:


    - Get ready for the future

    - Align skill-building with future of work visions

    - Become human-centered & future ready

    - Master complexity navigation skills 

    - Custom-create innovation learning programs

    - Scale complexity navigation capacity

    - Create inclusive innovation strategy and culture





Recognizing that making sense of complexity was becoming essential to all forms of effective leadership we launched our Complexity Navigation Program in 2008. Since that time we have learned a lot by working along-side organizational leaders in their capacity-building initiatives.


Facing a constantly changing constellation of challenges and opportunities every quarter, every week, every day, many leaders do their best to navigate complexity without any specific tools, methods or skills. 


Seeing that much of what was available in the marketplace amounted to guesswork around what was complicated and what was complex we saw and responded with what we believe to be a more robust and adaptable toolbox with an interconnected skill-building program.


In essence what we are doing is combining robust SenseMaking with adaptable ChangeMaking. We focus in particular on the difficult task of framing challenges in contexts where there is uncertainty what the challenges actually are.

A fundamental building block to creating culture shifts in organizations is going beyond mind shift activities and bringing some robust skill shift, that gives colleagues a way to create the change. Rather than teaching by giving lectures on complexity we teach teams experientially how to master an adaptable set of tools useful in the context that many organizational leaders face today.

The Complexity Navigation Program is designed as a modular, adaptable skill-building program geared towards organizational leaders in all industries. A starting point can be a one day introductory workshop. The full program lasts 3 weeks and is comprised of 3 interconnected tool-sets/modules that can also be taken individually in shorter workshops. 


Outcomes of the introductory workshop include:

  • New skill of moving from single engine of efficiency to dual engine of adaptability.

  • New skill of framing challenges without assumptions baked in.

  • New skill of creating empathetic understanding of customers.

  • New skill of leading from meta understanding of process navigation.


This program is designed to broadly ignite - or reignite - your organization's targeted journey to its 21st-century workforce. 






visual sensemaker, author, facilitator, instructor, cofounder

Elizabeth Pastor is an internationally recognized expert in the hybrid combination of Visual SenseMaking and Strategic CoCreation. Her passion is helping people think clearly and make sense of complex situations in new and inclusive ways. Elizabeth holds a Masters Degree in Communication & New Media Design from Art Center College of Design in California. Prior to cofounding Humantific, Elizabeth cofounded Scient’s Innovation Acceleration Lab.

Elizabeth is from Madrid and lives in NYC.

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director, operations

Scott McDonald is Operations Director at Humantific. Recently joining the team, Scott has spent nearly two decades leading digital transformation consulting practices and helping clients to operationalize digital transformation. He was a co-founder of digital agency Modus and led the firm for 15 years as it evolved from an early pioneer in experience design to an innovation consultancy with global reach. He lives in Westchester County, New York with his wife and son.

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visual sensemaker, author, advisor, speaker, cofounder

GK VanPatter is an internationally recognized innovation capacity building advisor and design thinking visionary. His passion is helping to build next generation innovation leadership skills and inclusive innovation cultures. He holds a Masters Degree in design from Pratt Institute in New York. Prior to cofounding Humantific, GK was VP of Innovation at Scient, a Scient Fellow and CoFounder of Scient’s Innovation Acceleration Lab. He lives in NYC.

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partner, strategic co-creation

Janet Getto is Partner & Master Strategic Co-Creation Advisor. Her specialty is Innovation Acceleration Leadership, Complex Problem Solving and Strategic Co-Creation Facilitation. Janet holds a Master of Science Degree in Industrial Relations and has over 20 years of experience helping organizational leaders tackle complex challenges and find emerging opportunities for growth. Many clients know Janet as a masterful co-creation teacher, executive coach and leadership advisor in addition to being a supersonic facilitator.

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senior associate, innovation designer

Cinthia Romero is a Visual SenseMaker and Innovation Designer. Her passion is linking changemaking strategy with information design and experience design. Prior to joining Humantific she was a Lead Designer at SY Partners in New York where she played a hybrid role at the intersection of design and strategy. Educated as an Industrial Designer Cinthia has 16+ years of experience helping organizations inspire, explain and actionize changemaking.

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senior associate, innovation strategist

Jeanine Guido is a seasoned combinator of design thinking & business thinking with 15+ years of practice experience. Formerly a Design Executive at IBM and Capgemini Invent she holds a BA in Economics from Boston College and a Masters Degree in Design from Boston University. She loves working with organizational leaders to integrate a human-centered focus into business practices and organizational structures, resulting new opportunities and new sources of revenue. 

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“Humantific has great integrity and commitment to doing only the best work.”

Leslie Fleuranges, Director, New Products, Hill's Pet Nutrition


Innovation Methods Mapping Book

We are delighted to announce the publication of our book: INNOVATION METHODS MAPPING!

Years in the making, Innovation Methods Mapping is focused on making sense of innovation process design, a complex, chaotic subject. With an avalanche of innovation methods now in circulation within the marketplace, sorting out and making sense of the mess can be a daunting task. Spanning an 80+ year time period and numerous communities of practice this book offers a new and reusable analysis framework to do just that.

Enjoy and feel free to send us some feedback!

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