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ReVisiting OODA

10 Reasons Why OODA Loop is Not Inclusive Foundational Innovation Language

Humantific Cofounder GK VanPatter answers a question regarding Inclusive Foundational Innovation Language on LinkedIn.

Greetings Humantific readers. The end of summer has arrived too quickly here in adaptive and adapting New York City. In getting into the September groove I had not really planned on this post but since several people asked me this question below directly in follow-up to something I wrote a few weeks ago entitled Kick it Up!: Understanding Deeper Creativity I have taken time to write this text below as a reply that could not fit in a LinkedIn response window.

Paraphrased Original Question to me: “Can you explain why in the Deeper Creativity post you wrote that OODA Loop is not suitable as a foundation innovation language?”

SHORT ANSWER: OODA is a decision-making tool. As such it contains strong advocacy for only one dimension of the innovation process. That one channel advocacy does not reflect the entire innovation cycle and thus is not aligned with Foundation Innovation Language criteria. See: Ten OODA Loop Red Flags below.



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