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New Book: Coming Soon!

Updated: Mar 5, 2020

ReThinking Design Thinking: Almost Here!

ReThinking Design Thinking / Making Sense of the Future That Has Already Arrived is in final production and will be published soon.

This 155 page volume includes:

10 Secrets of Design Thinking

What is Design 1.0, 2.0, 3.0, 4.0 Today, A Visual Narrative

How Designers Work is Changing

Design Challenge Shifts

Explaining NextDesign Geographies: Reflections on the Arriving Future

Origins of NextDesign Geographies: Why the Framework Was Created

Defining Design Thinking: Mind the Methodology Gap

Methodology Ethics: Embracing the New Era

Methodology House on Fire? a conversation on urgency in methods redesign

Transformations: Approach Shifts Underway

Moving Beyond The Cross-Over Approach

Compilation of Community Views

Mapping Method Types

25 Change Avenues, How to Fix Design Thinking for Complex Situations

NextD Reality Check Framework

Next Generation Leadership Principles

Today/Tomorrow Future Schools View

If you would like to be made aware when this book is published (soon) feel free to send us an email: kickitup (at) humantific (dot) com. Please write "OpenFrame" in the subject box.


“exemplar in leading the way”

Bettina von Stamm PhD.

“shatters assumptions”

Joan Vinyets PhD.

“beautiful and profound”

Peter Coughlan PhD.

“rigor and quality”

Richard Saul Wurman

“a compelling argument”

Joyce Yee, PhD.

“a must read for leaders”

Tim Sweeney

“essential… sounding the alarm”

Donna Elby

“clear path for the future”

Lorraine Justice, PhD.

“a new design future”

Charles Black

“recommended reading”

Tiiu Poldma, PhD

“opens new and grounded approaches.”

Steven Forth

"sharpest thinkers in the design field.”

Terence Love, PhD.

This book is meant to be a follow up on our previously published book: Innovation Methods Mapping: De-Mystifying 80+ Years of Innovation Process Design.

Find out more about the ReThinking Design Thinking movement by joining the book related discussion group relaunching here on LinkedIn.


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