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Supporting Strategic Design Journalism

NextD Journal Reboots!

We are delighted to be corporate sponsor of NextD Journal [Reboot], an experimental project undertaking peer reviews of 10 public documents seeking to help make sense of the mountain of confusion that now exists around the subject of “Design Thinking”.

With strategic design journalism largely nonexistent in the marketplace we believe this to be an important community sensemaking leadership project.

To date two OPEN Reviews have been published:

UNPACKING: “How it Works: IBM Design Thinking”

UNPACKING: “MIT: Design Thinking Explained”

Peer Review Contributors so far include:

Kevin Dye

Jeanine Guido

Wolfgang Jonas

Peter Jones

Melanie Rayment

RitaSue Siegel

Tim Sweeney

Itha Taljaard

GK VanPatter

Go here to see the Welcome Back Introduction to NextD Journal Readers.


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