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ReAppreciating Guidebook

Part 1 of 2

Happy spring Humantific readers! Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night and wondered whatever happened to that post you wrote months or years earlier that contained so many themes that keep popping up in business/social media today? I have had that experience several times recently since we updated our Humantific web site deciding to leave behind some of the historical materials in the refresh.

Long story short: This is a two part slightly edited repost of something I wrote some time ago on the subjects of Applied Creativity, ReAppreciating Sidney Parnes, and the many astonishing contributions that appeared in Sid's Creative Behavior Guidebook published in 1967. Appearing in this Part 1 post are the themes of 1. Adaptability, 2. Creativity is Everyone, 3. Facilitation as CoCreation Leadership, 4. Creative Behaviors, 5. Invitation Stems.

Still focused on Guidebook an upcoming Part 2 will include: 6. Divergence & Convergence, 7. MetaThink ChallengeScapes, 8. Challenges = Opportunities, 9. BrainStretch Exercises and Research Questions. In the spirit of Sid Parnes we will include in Part 2 several informative Appendixes from Guidebook, now out of print.

See the full Part 1 post here:


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