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Innovation Process Design

Updated: Jul 1

Overcoming Common Missteps

Welcome back Humantific Readers. This week we are returning to the subject of our first book innovation methods analysis and creation. Since there remains so much interest in the subject of process design and or redesign better synced to rising complexity and continuous change we are republishing this "Overcoming Common Missteps" Humantific White Paper from 2013.

"Methodology missteps can be costly and undermine positive energy around innovation in any organization."

"With today’s huge interest in multiple participant cocreation and collaboration, behaviors have become critically important."

"Anyone can assemble a techniques encyclopedia. Having a meta method to enable multiple participant orchestration is much more important than any technique."

"Understanding that all human adults have cognitive/ thinking preferences/ styles is important in training of any methodology."

"If you define the challenges before generating the facts and insights, it is likely that challenges will need to be redefined afterwards, causing considerable procedural confusion."

Ten Common Innovation Method

Design Missteps

1. Out of Sync Challenge Definitions

2. Preconceived Solution Paths

3. Missing Meta Process 4. Missing Separation of Content from Process 5. Missing Behaviors

6. Missing Robust Challenge Framing 7. Missing Visual SenseMaking

8. Missing Process Balance 9. Missing Cognitive Surfacing

10. Missing Culture Connections

See more details inside the white paper.

"Leading firms are already interconnecting organizational values with innovation visions, strategies, methods, behaviors, and action outcomes."

You can read the complete white paper by downloading the PDF below.

Download the PDF here:

Download PDF • 29KB

If you, your team or your organization would like Humantific to take a look at your existing or proposed innovation methodology send us an email: kickitup (at) humantific (dot) com


Future Book: We are presently working on Book 2 of Innovation Methods Mapping which we hope to focus on Design for Complexity Methods. See more in the Lab section of the book site.


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