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Out of Balance Issue Published

The Out Of Balance Competition entries have just been published in Berlin by ARCH+ magazine as a spectacular 240 page special issue. The international competition: “OUT OF BALANCE – CRITIQUE OF THE PRESENT, Information Design after Otto Neurath” wrapped up last April with the mammoth task of judging of 180 entries submitted by 499 participants.

The work of Otto Neurath and Isotype was the inspiration for this competition sponsored by Humantific, Autodesk, and Museum für Architektur und Ingenieurkunst.

Thanks to ARCH+ Editor, Sabine Kraft and her small team for all the hard work involved in putting this publication together. Those who can read German will find inside this special issue descriptions and color documentation of many entries along with an overview of information design history.

Yes it’s true that information design has been around adding value in many change making contexts long before the arrival of the “Big-Data” wave!

Neurath and the Isotype team remain an inspiration to many, not only in terms of style but also in purpose. Lots of knowledge, history and courage to build from there.

We look forward to next year’s competition!

2013 Jury:

Heinz Bude, Social Scientist/Economist Joost Grootens, Graphic Artist Sabine Kraft, Editor ARCH+ Joachim Krausse, Cultural Scientist Philipp Oswalt, Bauhaus Dessau Foundation Philippe Rekacewicz, Geographer/Cartographer Simon Rogers, The Guardian Christian Weiss, Autodesk GK VanPatter, Humantific Ursula Kleefisch-Jobs, M:AI


Out of Balance Competition Winners

Before, During & After Isotype

Lost Stories Information Design History


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