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Making Sense of Strategic Design 2015

Talking up SenseMaking

[Part 2 of 3]

Ana Barroso in Conversation with GK VanPatter

Ana Barroso: Welcome back to Part 2 of this conversation GK. Here in Latin America we are seeing rising interest in the subject of sensemaking, maybe because we have a lot of complicated things going on here!

One of the layers of findings you apply to the NextD Geographies framework has to do with the toolboxes that are increasingly more complex and cross disciplinary in Design 3 and 4. What skills does it take to conduct a visual sensemaking process? Do you believe a non-designer, without formal academic training, can make a good 3.0 or 4.0 design thinker or sensemaker? Can you describe the process of capacity building Humantific does in its innovation capacity programs?

“GK VanPatter: Hi Ana. I see you like to ask difficult questions! 🙂 OK I am happy to continue our conversation here. If our purpose is to quickly make sense of what is going on in strategic design practice today, ie: how we help others, several mind-shifts beyond traditional notions of what design thinking is and does are useful.

To a significant degree the practice of applying design thinking in the context of organizational and societal changemaking has already changed to the degree that it might be unrecognizable to some folks working in traditional design ways…:-)”

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