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History of Challenge Mapping

Updated: May 24, 2019

Coming Soon!

We love the history of innovation related methods and how it all connects to today and tomorrow!

Among the upcoming stories we are working on is the history of the Abstraction Ladder which started out as the Structural Differentiator and along the way became the Bessie the Cow Story, the Mousetrap Story, the CPS Ladder of Abstraction...and ultimately what is known as Open Challenge Framing today.

Moving beyond Discipline-Based Challenge Framing towards Open Challenge Framing is key to becoming not only more strategic but much more adaptable in complex contexts of all kinds.

How this knowledge progressed is a great example of what Alfred Korzybski referred to as "time-binding" and a fascinating story.

Coming soon…Stay tuned!

Image: S.I Hayakawa’s 1939 Abstraction Ladder. Humantific Collection

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