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Think Blending Revisited

Updated: Oct 25, 2023

Knowledge Integration

In 2013 Humantific Cofounder Elizabeth Pastor was invited to give a talk at the Design Thinking Conference in Toronto, Canada. In that presentation Elizabeth talked about the importance of integrating knowledge from other communities of practice as part of everyday operations in the emerging practice community. Then and now that community was/is focused in Arena 3 (Organizational ChangeMaking) and Arena 4 (Societal ChangeMaking) of NextD Geographies.

Perhaps not always clear, not everything we do in Humantific practice is found in the design community and that has been true since our founding in 2002. We could not do what we do in terms of tackling complex issues and building inclusive cultures if we just relied on conventional design community knowledge. In that talk Elizabeth shared some of the knowledge we have integrated and some pioneers whose shoulders we build from (see below).

Now, ten years later we would add a few more pioneers to that list but the notion of cross-community integration remains central to our practice.

What that translates into is that we are not just involved in the shifting of design boundaries and orientations but rather what looks more like a 10 dimensional shift occurring simultaneously, that includes everyday complexity, innovation, sensemaking, ambidexterity, participatory cocreation and inclusive culture building leadership.

More of the 10 Humantific shifts in an upcoming post.

You can view the 2013 conference presentation including 10 Ways Its Different here.

What we do for client organizations is what we teach in our Complexity Navigation Program which is hybrid in nature.

Want more Information?: kickitup (at) Humantific (dot) com


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