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DATA2GO.NYC | Visualization Challenge

There is a new way to measure what matters in New York City! Measure of America and Humantific are delighted to announce the DATA2GO.NYC | Visualization Challenge.

In this challenge we invite specialists in the exploding information design and data visualization fields to use the unique dataset made available through the just launched DATA2GO.NYC website. The goal is to create informative and beautiful visualizations that help to illuminate strengths or challenges in New York City neighborhoods and how they shape the lives, choices, and opportunities of the people who live there.

The focus can be on groups or issues (such as food security, the elderly, or Latino residents), one community district, a set of neighborhoods, a borough, or the city as a whole.

The Dashboards section of DATA2GO.NYC already includes many data visualizations of individual indicators. The goal of this Visualization Challenge is to encourage users to draw connections between different sectors and policy areas and to bring together disparate streams of data for addressing some of the city’s most challenging problems.

Measure What Matters!

Find out more about the Visualization Challenge here:


Measure of America The Leona M. and Harry B. Helmsley Charitable Trust Humantific


Codie See – Wisconsin State Cartographer’s Office Deroy Peraza – Hyperakt Elizabeth Pastor – Humantific Jacob Harold – Guidestar Laura Kurgan – Columbia Center for Spatial Research Manuel Lima – Visual Complexity Nigel Holmes – Explanation Graphics Paolo Ciuccarelli – Density Design


Data2Go.NYC is a NEW free, easy-to-use online mapping and data tool created to provide reliable, up-to-date information on New York City’s neighborhood strengths and challenges. It brings together for the first time federal, state, and local data on a broad range of issues critical to the well-being of all New Yorkers.

Data2Go.NYC is a tool that people who are dedicated to a city in which EVERYONE COUNTS can use to draw connections, develop more targeted services, craft effective solutions, and improve lives.

Users can create unique maps, construct community district dashboards, test relationships between indicators, and print or share their results at the click of a button.


Follow the buzz on twitter: #DATA2GO



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