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Data Visualization as Innovation Fuel

Contributing recently to the Markets for Good blog, Humantific CoFounder GK VanPatter wrote Data Visualization Meets CoCreation.

In this brief paper GK suggests to the philathropic community, taking advantage of what leading business organizations have already learned: that innovation involves equal amounts of challenge framing, idea-making and decision-making. Improving decision-making is not in itself, a formula for enabling cross-disciplinary innovation.

GK suggests moving beyond just data visualization and decision-making to utilize sense-making visualizations as fuel for cocreated innovation. In the organizations that Humantific works with sense-making visualizations are already playing key roles in every phase of the change-making process from the early fuzzy situation stages through to ideation and implementation.

GK VanPatter: “Time is flying by around the Big Data phenomenon, so let’s shift gears and kick it up a few notches from what your readers might be expecting here…Big Data is occurring, not in isolation, but rather in parallel to numerous other paradigm shifts…”

“I was delighted to watch the live stream of Hillary Clinton, Melinda Gates and Chelsea Clinton speaking at the “No Ceilings / The Full Participation Project” event at New York University here in Manhattan.”

“Anyone listening to the arc of that conversation could hear/see that what those three change-makers have in mind is using data to inform a range of change-maker intervention activities, not just decision-making. Do a close listen to that conversation with your innovation navigation hat on, and you will hear keen interest on the part of Hillary, Melinda and Chelsea in using data to inform problem finding, challenge defining, and more.”

Download this white paper here: Data Visualization Meets CoCreation:



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