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What [ URGENT ] Matters?

Updated: Dec 1, 2021

Just Published in NextD Journal: Collaborative SenseMaking

Round 1 Question: What are the most urgent matters facing design today?

Responses from 20+ cross-community professionals....

Round 1 Contributors: (in alphabetical order) Charles Black, Mark Bradford, Daniel Engelberg, Jeanine Guido, Mani I, Isabel Ines, Robert Jacobson, Peter Jones, Lorraine Justice, Paul Kahn, Piotr Kulaga, Terence Love, Sunil Malhotra, Charles Mauro, Praveen Nahar, Elizabeth Pastor, Tiiu Poldma, Rebecca Taylor, Kristel Van Ael, GK VanPatter, Rob Waller and Richard Saul Wurman.

See the full post on the NextD Journal site.


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