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Now a Wild West Show?

TEN Tips for Organizational Leaders

Happy December Humantific readers. This week we are returning to the runaway train subject of SenseMaking. With the avalanche of content being tossed into social media everyday, across multiple subjects related to innovation, most of us in the sensemaking/changemaking business make choices regarding what we want to digest and comment on, understanding there is no way to see or address it all.

To sort through the continuous tsunami with time limitations, I find it helpful for me to have the equivalent to a line in the sand for most subjects related to our industry. That just means I have no time to comment on much that is nonsense, but there are certain distortions that cross the line, providing ample motivation to speak up..:-) From the Humantific perspective, in the subject of SenseMaking, some of the most offensive over-writing contortions are:

1. those omitting half the historical picture of sensemaking but claiming to be holistic,

2. those pointing out “pioneers” based on naïve, foreshortened, social media driven grasp of the subject,

3. those narrowing the subject while claiming to expand it,

4. those seeking to refashion/distort the purpose of sensemaking towards truth police,

5. those suggesting sensemaking has been lost in the wilderness until they came along and discovered it last week….and of course now they are here to own it.

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