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NextD Journal New Series

What Is "Second Generation Design Methodology"?

Continuing its sensemaking mission, with the purpose of determining whether a series of ten publications on the subject of Design Thinking contribute to the clarity or confusion on the subject NextD Journal invited a group of experienced practitioners to review a podcast entitled "Second Generation Military Design". The results are enlightening!

Do you know what First Generation and Second Generation Design Methods are according to the US military podcasters?

NextD Peer Review Contributors: Charlie Black, Jeanine Guido, Peter Jones, Wolfgang Jonas, Tiiu Poldma, Dave Snowden, Fabian Szulanski, GK VanPatter.

Quotes within the Reviews:

"As design consultants we might be surprised that generally non-design trained thinkers in an unfamiliar domain might advance such a coherent case for design approaches and methods in these contexts."

Peter Jones

"The conversation was missing the foundational aspects of what constitutes design, design thinking and the design process from broader perspectives that are hinted at but not defined or elaborated in depth."

Tiiu Poldma

"I’m still not sure what Type two is after listening to the podcast but the definition seemed to be more ‘it isn’t type one, its experimental, its emergent’ and variations on that theme."

Dave Snowden

"Insightful, objective, imperfect and much needed are the words I would use to describe in brief this pod-cast. While I did not agree with every aspect of the conversation, comparatively speaking this is really what I would call a break-out podcast on the subject of Design Thinking."

GK VanPatter

"I think the advocates for Design in this podcast made a case for the need to infuse creativity and divergent thinking into a system that can no longer respond to the issues they are facing. Whether it is called 1st or 2nd generation Design or Design Thinking, they recognize the value of it and the need for it. "

Jeanine Guido

"In my humble opinion this podcast document does not contribute to clarity, but rather to confusion regarding Design Thinking."

Wolfgang Jonas

"First and foremost I must mention that I have personally met most of the Podcast participants. I have also previously taught design thinking concepts with Ben Z to the special operations community.  We share a common desire to bring design methods to the military. " Charlie Black 

To read the NextD Journal reviews go here!


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