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Conversation with GK VanPatter

What is Generative Thinking?

Interviewed by Steven Fort, Humanitific CoFounder GK VanPatter describes the importance of appreciating the human aspect of Think Balance.

Ibbaka: How is design thinking and its applications evolving?

GK VanPatter: As we point out in the book there is an emerging practice community that has for numerous years been evolving design thinking beyond product, service, experience creation assumptions......

Ibbaka: Empathy and critical thinking are often identified as being key to design thinking. You have proposed generative thinking as a critical skill. Can you say something about what you mean by generative thinking and how it applies to design thinking?

GK VanPatter: Ok here we are entering bumpy territory that will require a few heavy lifts to sort through..:-)....."Imagine half your team having a preference for divergent thinking and half towards convergent thinking. Why would we want to be privileging one over the other? Why would we want to leave half of your team behind? We wouldn’t. We don’t."...


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