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Future Work Skills Academy

Updated: Jul 14, 2021

SkillShifts not Just MindShifts

Of the post-covid, "new normal" projects we are involved with, our collaboration with Donna Patrica Ann Eiby and The Future Work Skills Academy is a favorite.

One of the things we like about the The Future Work Skills Academy approach is that Donna understands the importance of moving beyond mindshifts in the face of increasingly complex challenges facing many organizations...and societies. Mindsets are not going to get the heavy lift of complex problem acknowledging and solving/evolving done.

For those looking for individual virtual learning possibilities The Future Work Skills Academy's Human+Guided program is an excellent option. This unique program is based on the California Institutes vision of future work skills.

Humantific's Elizabeth Pastor teaches the Visual SenseMaking module in The Future Work Skills Academy. We continue to see the importance of sensemaking rising in many future of work visions.

To find out more about the virtual Future Work Skills Academy go here:


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