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Freelance Information Designers Wanted

We are looking for talented Freelance Information Designers to join the Humantific Collaborator Network and participate in a variety of challenging projects.


Ideal candidates will be natural born sensemakers, organized, curious, creative, patient, observant, willing to challenge assumptions and have a desire to work in a rockin’ team.

Formally trained graduates of undergraduate or graduate Information Design programs preferred.

Responsibilities will Include:

  • Hands-on Information Design work.

  • Reports to Director of Information Design.

Qualified persons will have:

  • 2+ years of information design experience.

  • Undergraduate degree in Information Design, Communication Design, Data Visualization or related field. (Graduate degree a plus).

  • Strong information design & data visualization skills.

  • Strong project portfolio.

  • Street smarts.

  • High proficiency with Adobe Creative Suite programs, Microsoft Office, and have a passion for learning new applications/formats.

  • Must be very well organized, well spoken, and passionate about making the world more understandable.

  • Partial remote working might be possible depending on candidate.


Please email your resume and links to recent work/portfolio at kickitup (at) humantific (dot) com. Include the following in short email form:

  • Tell us about your ability to use design to organize and communicate complex – concepts. Provide examples.

  • Tell us why you want to work with Humantific.

  • Please place "Freelance Information Designer” in the subject header.



  • US citizenship or green card holder.

  • Fluency in English.

  • Fluency in Spanish or other languages a plus.

Please note these are not Information Architecture or Graphic Facilitation opportunities.


Information Design is the organization and design of complex and/or large amounts of data/information to make it more understandable and usable. It’s all about clarity of thinking and clarity of communication, a mix of organization and visualization/storytelling.

Information designers are natural born sense makers. This means that they look at the world with a systems thinking and organization approach. They continuously question: “What does this mean? Is it clear? Could it be better organized and communicated?

Humantific integrates information design (sensemaking) into all of our changemaking projects. We are not set up to teach the basic principles of information design so we are looking for qualified candidates who are familiar with the foundational principles and are already operating at high levels of proficiency.


Humantific works with organizational leaders from business and social entrepreneurship facing continuous change in their industries. We help organizations build and apply next-generation sensemaking and changemaking capacity. We do that by combining advanced knowledge of Design Thinking, Creative Problem Solving, and Information Visualization.


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