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E. Pastor at TeamLabs Madrid

Getting refreshed, renewed, reskilled, to better return to the new real world?

In a new combo virtual/physical program, Humantific CoFounder Elizabeth Pastor will be teaching basics in Complexity Navigation at the experimental university TeamLabs in Madrid. February 22 to March 2.

Making sense of complexity has become essential to all forms of effective leadership today.

At Humantific, we recognize that many organizational leaders face a constantly changing constellation of challengesand opportunities every quarter, every week, every day. Many leaders do their best to navigate that complexity without any specific tools, methods or skills.

The Humantific Complexity Navigation Program provides leaders adaptable skills, methods and tools to succeed in this changing environment. The program is organized around the following three key areas. See more here:

Questions? Send us an email kickitup (at) humantific (dot) com


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