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Design Techniques Mapping

Making Sense of 400+ Design Techniques

Sharing some of our ongoing R&D work related to the in-progress Book 3 in the Innovation Methods Mapping series.

Distinguishing between Methods and Techniques we are conducting research into where the most popular design techniques fall within the Humantific Think Balance Framework utilized and explained in Book 1 of the Innovation Methods Mapping series.

To do this work we have identified 5 popular books that focus on and present what they depict as "Methods" which we consider techniques. What we are most interested in is the question of weighting.

We have yet to formulate formal conclusions but it appears that most techniques included in such publications, reflect conventional design orientations and are heavely weighted towards the front end of the innovation cycle.

To see other aspects of the R&D work related to Book 2 in the series including the invite for the submission of historical and contempory methods go to the book web site.

Innovation Methods Mapping Book 1 shown below:

Questions? To express interest in our upcoming books send us an email: kickitup (at) humantific (dot) com

Image Credits: Design "Methods" cover Images shown above are copyright by the various book authors.


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