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Complexity Navigation in Madrid

Elizabeth Pastor Teaches Students at TeamLabs University

Back doing workshops in the physical world! Last week Humantific cofounder Elizabeth Pastor was rocking Complexity Navigation in Spanish with her students at the experimental TeamLabs University in Madrid. In person she taught both modules within the Humantific program: Strategic Cocreation and Visual SenseMaking. (see video below) Today's students learn fast!

Elizabeth loves teaching next generation innovation leaders more advanced skills beyond the typical basics of a conventional design thinking skills workshop.

How do you make innovation leadership understandable and real?.. is most often the question on everyone's mind today, whether student or organizational leader. Once skilled-up teams never go back to the way they looked at and tackled fuzzy challenges before! This program builds real skill and significant confidence that will out-last many forms of often fleeting content knowledge. These are skills aligned with numerous Future of Work Visions that students take with them wherever they go and for years to come!

Questions? If you would like to know more about Humantific skill-building programs feel free to touch base with us. kickitup (at) humantific (dot) com.


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