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Actionizing Enterprise Adaptability

Updated: Oct 1, 2020

Coming Soon!

Previously only available to our Humantific skill-building program clients we have decided to create a public version of our Workshop Workbook for organizational leaders to use as a reference tool in this time of great change.

Our clients will know that we have for a decade+ been teaching adaptive skills geared to complex organizational and societal situations in our Complexity Navigation Program.

These are 21st century innovation leadership skills with considerable emphasis on Visual SenseMaking and Strategic Cocreation.

For numerous years we have also been posting on the subject of how we help organizational leaders introduce the subject and build real Adaptive/Ambidextrous capacity in their enterprises, sharing various acceleration frameworks. In the new book we combine these threads.

What we notice in the marketplace is continuing rise of interest in the subject(s) of Ambidexterity, Adaptability, Agility and others jumping in to write from the direction of business model canvas, strategy, and 30,000 ft gatekeeping but there seems to be very little material around on how organizations can actually build the adaptive capacity described in a considerable growing body of literature.

Beyond the theories, it is the building of adaptive sensemaking and changemaking capacity in the real world that remains what our clients are most interested in, as the covid era unfolds with considerable uncertainty, and this is the focus of this, now in progress, new book.

Stay tuned for updates and don't forget to check out our other just published rockin new book: ReThinking Design Thinking: Making Sense of the Future That has Already Arrived:

Go here for Humantific's ten tips on Adaptive Enterprise Capacity Building.

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