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SenseMakers Alliance Launches

Making Sense of SenseMaking

SenseMakers Alliance launched its new, still in-progress site today. Founded in 2020 the Alliance is a non-profit, experimental sensemaking initiative created to offer insights to the global public regarding the avalanche of diagrams and models being posted in a never-ending stream online every day.

With public interest in sensemaking continuing to rise, and a lot of bad examples around, we decided this was a good moment to create this initiative with a simple blog and a cast of stellar industry expert reviewing contributors.

In this our first chapter of this initiative we hope to tackle, in a bird-by-bird manner, a review/analysis of 25 popular diagrams.

With all the chaos and fake news in the world, the Alliance remains optimistic that authentic sensemaking can inform the meaningful change that is so much needed on our post COVID planet earth.

Stay tuned for the sharing of analysis!


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