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Design for Complexity

Updated: Mar 10, 2023

Program Advisory Accelerator

In our recent book Rethinking Design Thinking: Making Sense of the Future that has Already Arrived we pointed out a need for the graduate design schools to press the RESET button on Conventional Design Thinking ASAP as it remains, methodologically out of sync with the rising complexity of the real world.

In the book we shared that the picture that already exists in the emerging practice community is one where up-front assumptions regarding product, service, experience challenges and outcomes are no longer made and a more open aperture lens to problem/opportunity framing is activated.

Building in follow up to the book, Humantific is creating a Design for Complexity Program Accelerator Advisory Service. Our goal is to proactively provide consultive input to five savvy academic institutions where leaders have been tasked with creating graduate programs that more formally recognize rising complexity of challenges facing our organizations, our communities and our planet earth.

Program Challenges that appear in the book:

How Might We Create a More Human-Centered/Life-Centered World?

How Might We Up-Skill a New Generation of Open Frame Design Leaders?

If you are an academic leader who would like to discuss being among the schools involved in this program building acceleration feel free to send us an email: kickitup (at) humantific (dot) com.

The Challenges: HUGE!


The Stakes: HIGH

The Opportunity: GIGANTIC

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