Scient Corporation



How might we become the ebusiness innovation leader?


How might we create a capacity for accelerating organizational innovation?


How might we activate and operationalize our inclusive innovation intentions?


How might we create and teach a common innovation language capable of addressing diverse challenges?


How might we build an organizational innovation capability that reflects company values as well as strategic intentions?


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Scient's Innovation Acceleration Lab

Working with the CEO and COO of Scient, Humantific founders, GK VanPatter and Elizabeth Pastor created Scient’s Innovation Acceleration Labs. They designed the company’s innovation strategy, skill-building program, innovation environments, workshops, tools and all of its experiential learning materials. With Acceleration Labs operating in New York and San Francisco 2000+ Scient employees attended Workshop ONE, which focused on fundamental cross-disciplinary innovation collaboration skills as a common language.


Thought of as the spiritual dimension of Scient, the Innovation Acceleration Lab played a key role in building its inclusive culture. In the acceleration skill-building programs participants learned the importance of embracing diverse thinking styles as a natural part of the innovation cycle. The Innovation Lab also offered introductory innovation skill-building workshops for client teams as well as advanced skill-building for internal Scient colleagues. The many lessons learned from the intense and extensive Scient experience inform many aspects of what Humantific does today. Innovation acceleration, cognitive inclusion, complex problem solving, visual sensemaking, multi-disciplinary team collaboration and skill-building program design remain not only relevant today but among the most sought after skills in the Future of Work era.