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Global Pharmaceutical Company


How might we create and codify an innovation acceleration capacity?


How might we create an Innovation Acceleration Lab that is focused on more than idea generation?


How might we integrate the best aspects of leading innovation methodologies?


How might we create a user friendly Innovation Acceleration Workbook?


How might we design a hybrid methodology to suit our innovation creation and delivery needs.


BBC - Case Study

Idea Sprint Lab

Working closely with an internal team inside a global pharma corporation in New York Humantific was asked to design a hybrid innovation acceleration methodology that combines best practice aspects of Design Thinking, Creative Problem Solving, Agile and Sprint. The goal was to equip cross-disciplinary teams embarking on an accelerated “sprint” journey with understandable tools applicable to many types of challenges. The designed process was utilized as the foundation for an Idea Lab Workbook that explained the activities within each of the three phases in detail. The workbook became the guide to the sprint program and an important codified building block in their execution and capacity building.

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