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Global Pharmaceutical Company


How might our teams make sense of complex unstructured information?


How might our teams communicate ideas more clearly and quickly?


How might we better explain our strategic stories?


How might we add visualizing skill to our consulting teams?


How might we gain confidence to visualize with our internal and external clients?


BBC - Case Study

Visual SenseMaking Skill-Building

Working closely with organizational leaders Humantific was asked to design and provide experiencial skill-building to numerous internal groups. We created a customized Visual SenseMaking skill-building program geared for complex global business contexts and are rolling it out internally. This skill-building is one stream of and an integral part of our Complexity Navigation Program. In this introductory class participants go behind the scenes of real Humantific projects to see how Visual SenseMaking supercharges Complex Problem Solving in everyday business contexts. They experiencially build their own visual sensemaking toolkit and practice analysis and ? on their own projects. Often clients ask for Round 2 and 3 of this skill-building. SenseMaking appears in numerous Future of Work Skills visions. We also teach a virtual version of this introductory workshop in Future Work Skills Academy.

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