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Measure of America



How might we make research-based insights clear and actionable?


How might we explain difficult societal issues facing the United States?


How might we make the lens of human development understandable?


How might we create a data-driven publication that serves to inform policy makers?


How might we create an exciting movement around the Measure of America publications?


BBC - Case Study

Working closely with authors Sarah Burd-Sharps and Kristen Lewis Humantific created the first ever American Human Development Report. Previously the index measuring well-being had never been applied to the United States. The widely known HDI Index is a single measure of well-being for all Americans based on indicators in three key areas: Health, Education and Income. The 286 page report containing 297 diagrams was designed as a data-driven instrument that informs and engages policy-makers. The national report became an important benchmark in the realm of Societal SenseMaking. In 2012 The Measure of America was awarded the International Institute for Information Design Award in the category of Social Affairs.

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