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Danish School of Media & Journalism



How might we become a leading future-ready media and journalism university?


How might we build adaptive changemaking capacity among our leadership team?


How might we share the changemaking responsibility across senior faculty?


How might we onboard and share an adaptable common innovation language?


How might we model the best aspects of being a continuous learning organization?


BBC - Case Study

Complexity Navigation Skill-Building

Working closely in collaboration with the visionary new Dean of the Danish School of Media & Journalism Humantific was asked to provide Complexity Navigation skill-building to the faculty and administration.


The Humantific Academy team undertook a series of phased Complexity Navigation Skill-Building workshops in Copenhagen and Aarhus concentrating initially on the Strategic CoCreation track of the program. This core team of energized faculty members was particularly interested in learning Open Challenge Framing enabling them to help diverse others navigate all kinds of fuzzy challenges both internally within the university and externally in their communities.

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