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City of Austin


How might the city of Austin become a civic innovation leader?


How might the city of Austin’s government better meet the shifting expectations of its citizens?


How might the city of Austin’s government become more proactively innovative?


How might the city of Austin’s government build a core team of adaptive changemaking leaders?


How might the city of Austin’s government skill-up a core ChangeMaking team capable of helping others with changemaking internally and externally in the local community?


BBC - Case Study

Complexity Navigation Skill-Building

Working closely with the city of Austin’s newly appointed Chief Innovation Officer,

Humantific was asked to help build a core team of Complexity Navigators capable of leading internal and external changemaking.


Humantific’s Complexity Navigation Program is geared for organizational leaders and consists of three skill-building streams: Strategic CoCreation, Design Research and Visual SenseMaking.


Complexity Navigators learn to combine these three powerful skill streams in everyday work situations adding tremendous value to every meeting and every complex situation they participate in. This is advanced skill-building not an introductory bootcamp experience. This core group of Complexity Navigators now work internally within the city of Austin government and external in the local community. Facing an array of fuzzy complex situations in their organization and in societal settings their Humantific tool-box is adaptive to all challenge types, not just product, service or experience design. Humantific Complexity Navigators are adaptive, human-centered, changemakers.

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