Humantific is a next generation innovation consultancy.

We help multi-disciplinary teams and organizations innovate and build inclusive innovation cultures.

Our focus is operationalizing insight-driven cross-disciplinary innovation, making it understandable, teachable and real.

Our hybrid approach integrates the best of human-centered design thinking, strategic problem solving, and information visualization.



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Working with organizational leaders we make innovation happen!

Our unique SenseMaking for ChangeMaking services provide a wide range of options for getting started as well as the onboarding of advanced innovation expertise. Humantific has pioneered the integration of visual sensemaking into
multi-disciplinary innovation.

We make complex situations visual, clear and actionable.

We help tackle strategic complex situations that often require multi-disciplinary cocreation.

We are on a mission to help build next generation innovation leaders, teams and cultures.


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  • Bill & Melinda Gates FoundationCarlsberg
  • City of AustinEmerging Practitioners
  • ford foundationGuidestar
  • Heron FoundationHewlettFoundation
  • Hill's-PetIDB
  • Johnson&JohnsonKaro
  • Liquidnet. Markets for Goodmeasure of america
  • Morgan StanleyNovartis
  • Multilateral Investment FundOrganic Digital Agency
  • Pfizersantander
  • SERMOTelefonica
  • UNDP
  • Universidad Europea de MadridVHA
  • Vodafonewells fargo


  • “Humantific’s work with BBC UX&D was transformational.”

    Adam Powers, Head of User experience & design for Branded Experiences, BBC

  • “Humantific is first-rate! They have helped us think innovatively about our business problems and are excellent at visualizing challenging ideas.”

    Dan Casper, Business Technology Director, Pfizer

  • “Humantific's contribution to our offsites - from designing interactive working sessions to creating compelling information panels and presentations - has allowed us to transform our Leadership Team offsites into meaningful collaborations across businesses and departments.”

    Michele (Horowitz) Moskowitz, Strategy, Execution and Organizational Development, Liquidnet

  • “Humantific has become trusted collaborators helping us to think through possible scenarios regarding customer experiences, products and services in the financial services industry of the future.”

    Mark McCormick, Senior Vice President, Customer Experience Strategy, Virtual Channels, Wells Fargo

  • “Going through the Complexity Navigation Program has literally changed my life.”

    Remar Thorsness, Senior Director, VHA

  • “Humantific has done incredible work with Liquidnet over the past several years. They have partnered with us on delivering a Talent Strategy Program, Process and Leadership Offsite that has exceeded the expectations of the most discerning and demanding group of executives. The value provided to our company has been immeasurable.”

    Mary Corradino, Global Head Talent Management, Liquidnet

  • “I highly recommend the pioneering creative work of Humantific.”

    Susan Hairston, Director, Office of Program Services, Ford Foundation

  • “Humantific has consistently enabled me to visualize and present intricate business concepts in a clear and persuasive way. The process of working with Humantific and visualizing the concept has extended and deepened my own thinking about it in valuable ways.”

    Amit Barniv, Marketing Senior Director, Pfizer

  • “Humantific's Complexity Navigation Program was a very insightful program. There was a nice balance between listening/learning and practice time. I felt refreshed, renewed, and energized each day. Loved it!“

    City of Austin Innovation Program

  • “Humantific provided valuable experience for a team just coming together and we ended the workshop with actionable results for next steps.”

    John Colborn, Vice President Operations, Ford Foundation

  • “Working with Humantific has been superb! They helped us organize our thinking and create a system out of what we were doing.”

    Sarah Burd-Sharps, Co-director, Measure of America

  • “Humantific has an amazing ability to take a difficult concept and literally draw it out in a simple-to-understand diagram.”

    Steve Greenblatt, Founding member, Liquidnet

  • “Complexity Navigation Program has been one of the most practical training I’ve ever had in my career.”


  • “If you're looking for a partner to drive you through a co-creation process review... Humantific is the solution.”

    Ignacio Casado, Head of Online, Vodafone Spain

  • “Humantific has great integrity and commitment to doing only the best work.”

    Leslie Fleuranges, Director, New Products, Hill's Pet Nutrition

Innovation Book


We are delighted to announce the publication of our book: INNOVATION METHODS MAPPING!

Years in the making, Innovation Methods Mapping is focused on making sense of innovation process design, a complex, chaotic subject. With an avalanche of innovation methods now in circulation within the marketplace, sorting out and making sense of the mess can be a daunting task. Spanning an 80+ year time period and numerous communities of practice this book offers a new and reusable analysis framework to do just that.
Enjoy and feel free to send us some feedback!




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