Global Financial Services Company


How might we get ready for the future?


How might we envision the future of banking?


How might we envision the unexpressed needs and desires of our banking customers?


How might we make the best use of our marketplace data, information and insights? 


How might we create a repeatable Speculative Design experience for our colleagues?


BBC - Case Study

Future Envisioning Workshop Program

Working with a growing global financial services corporation based in San Francisco, Humantific was asked to envision, design and deliver a repeatable Future-Jump Envisioning /  Speculative Design Workshop Program for 500 employees. Incorporating visualized marketplace data and customer insights into a customized future envisioning methodology, the program focused on the 3-part dance of participants learning adaptive co-creation skills, accelerated digesting of complex information and then applying the combination to the creation of diverse future customer scenarios.


Humantific designed and delivered the customized Future-Jump Envisioning approach, the future trends information fields and the envisioning exercises as well as its capture system. Jumping off from the information field participants were invited to generate new future focused ideas for products, services, systems and related organizational challenges.


Future Envisioning, also known as Speculative Design, gives employees the opportunity to step away from their daily activities and think outside the current box of limitations. It's envisioning from the imagined future backwards instead of projecting the present forward.