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E. Pastor in Málaga, Spain


Delighted to be back engaging with client groups in the physical world, Humantific CoFounder, Elizabeth Pastor is teaching an introduction to Complexity Navigation workshop in person, in Málaga today as part of a new Activate Talent program launching in Spain.

Geared to young people, Activate Talent is an ambitious project launched by the entrepreneurial platform Trivu and the Princess of Girona Foundation (Fundación Princesa de Girona). Its goal is to connect, activate and empower young talent in every corner of the country, gearing up to engage in the so-called emerging new normal.

The activities of Activate Talent focus on a young audience with the aim of encouraging training, employability and talent development. Skill-building for a new normal is just one aspect of the program. Malaga has been slected as Activate Talent's starting point.

This intro Humantific workshop is designed to provide young participants with a window into the subjects of innovation, applied creativity, strategic co-creation, team dynamics and root innovation behaviors as well as a brief glimpse into advanced skill-building going on in the real world of work today.

Humantific is delighted to be asked to participate and happy to pitch in and help out.

Today this workshop is being taught in Spanish.


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