Hills Pet Nutrition


How might we use information to accelerate our innovation cycle?


How might we better understand our competitor landscape?


How might we bring our knowledge of the marketplace into our innovation cycle?


How might we synthesize and visualize our research insights?


How might we include our entire team in our data/information/insights sharing?


BBC - Case Study

Working closely with a senior project team at Hills Pet Nutrition Humantific designed not only the inclusive information field but the entire approach to the innovation cycle. In our work, data and information are viewed as fuel for an accelerated innovation creation experience. Many organizations have lots of data and information around but getting into a form that can be digested in an accelerated workshop setting is often the challenge within the broader challenge of the projects undertaking. In the context of complexity we can help accelerate the understanding of participants in readiness to act. We convert data, information and insights into fuel for sensemaking, ideamaking and decisionmaking within a deliberate innovation cycle. We teach these sensemaking and changemaking skills to organizational leaders in our Complexity Navigation Program. In our approach visualized information plays one of the key roles in the achievement of meaningful innovation acceleration.