Is the future arriving faster than you anticipated?


Recognizing that making sense of complexity was becoming essential to all forms of effective leadership we launched our Complexity Navigation Program in 2008. Since that time we have learned a lot by working along-side organizational leaders in their capacity-building initiatives.


Facing a constantly changing constellation of challenges and opportunities every quarter, every week, every day, many leaders do their best to navigate complexity without any specific tools, methods or skills. 


Seeing that much of what was available in the marketplace amounted to guesswork around what was complicated and what was complex we saw and responded with what we believe to be a more robust and adaptable toolbox with an interconnected skill-building program.


In essence what we are doing is combining robust SenseMaking with adaptable ChangeMaking. We focus in particular on the difficult task of framing challenges in contexts where there is uncertainty what the challenges actually are.

Rather than teaching by giving lectures on complexity we teach teams experientially how to master an adaptable set of tools useful in the context that many organizational leaders face today.

The Complexity Navigation Program is designed as a modular, adaptable skill-building program geared towards organizational leaders in all industries. A starting point can be a one day introductory workshop. The full program lasts 3 weeks and is comprised of 3 interconnected tool-sets/modules that can also be taken individually in shorter workshops. 


Outcomes of the introductory workshop include:

  • New skill of moving from single engine of efficiency to dual engine of adaptability.

  • New skill of framing challenges without assumptions baked-in.

  • New skill of creating empathetic understanding of customers.

  • New skill of leading from meta understanding of process navigation.


This program is designed to broadly ignite - or reignite -  your organization's targeted journey to its 21st-century workforce. 

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