WorldOne Acquires Sermo

Announced today: Sermo, one of the first wildly successful professional social networking platforms has been acquired by WorldOne. Congratulations to our friends at Sermo!

“WorldOne (http://www.worldone.com), the global leader in healthcare insights and intelligence, today announced that it has acquired Sermo (http://www.sermo.com), the largest online community of U.S. physicians. In the six years since its launch, Sermo amassed a membership of 130,000 physicians and hundreds of clients, including eight of the top ten pharmaceutical companies in the world.”.

Sermo has proven that sustaining an active, engaged community can result in higher interest in and response to market research as well as new promotional opportunities.”

“WorldOne Becomes the largest and most engaged U.S. physician network, eclipsing 350,000 opted in and verified doctors.”