Visualization the Next Design Frontier

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Fast Company signals that it is catching on to a significant change wave with its recent post “Is Information Visualization the Next Frontier for Design?” however the realm of Visual SenseMaking has already become much broader than making sense of information. SenseMaking itself is being transformed and it is this transformation that is at the heart of the design thinking revolution today.

In Humantific’s Complexity Navigation Program for organizational leaders we are already teaching a five dimensional model of SenseMaking only one of which is making sense of information. Making sense of wicked problems and the human activities involved within requires much more than information visualization. This is where the real revolution is occurring, the changing role of Visual SensMaking in organizational and societal change making.

Hopefully in the next round Fast Company will get to the SenseMaking transformation story!

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Coming Soon: SenseMaker Dialogs / Rethinking the Boundaries of SenseMaking.

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