Visualization Harvard Business Review


We are delighted to see Scott Berinato of Harvard Business Review catching onto and up to the Visual SenseMaking revolution underway that includes significant advances in data visualization. This wave is occurring in parallel with the increasingly open sources of massive data sets not formerly available and in some case never before in existence.

Data visualization represents a significant application of visualization in the context of understanding business through better understanding of human behavior embedded in data.

“Clark, like many data visualizers, believes we’re on the front end of a revolution in information presentation. “There’s a lot of work done called scientific visualization or business intelligence graphics,” he says. “And it’s pragmatic, trying to solve practical problem. It’s all standard, a bar chart or pie. But those standard ways are not adequate when you’re trying to mine a richer data space. The world is full of complex data and we’re just starting to get the tools to make sense of it. We’re looking for new ways of presenting data.”’

While the commercial business application of data visualization is obvious, we are, at Humantific, also interested in how data visualization can be used in the context of social change ie: making the world a better place.

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