Visual SenseMaking Workshop Wraps

[slideshow=26]Humantific’s Visual SenseMaking Workshop wrapped up on Saturday at Pratt Institute in New York. Taught by CoFounder Elizabeth Pastor the workshop focused on Visual SenseMaking in the context of organizations. An enthusiastic group that included numerous graduates of NextD innovation workshops spent the day learning how to create their own visual thinking toolbox, unpack complexity and construct strategic stories.

Some Feedback from Participants:
“A great experience”
“On a scale of one to ten : 10”
“Extremely helpful”
“Helps me understand how to map patterns with diagrams”
“Most meaningful: Triggers diagramming words!”
“Everything was useful”
“Most meaningful: Mapping each other”
“Will help me work with my students to frame thesis problems”
“I begin to see how Humantific visualizes complex concepts”
“How can I get really good at this?”

The next Visual SenseMaking workshop will be in Barcelona later this summer.

If you would like to be notified about our future Visual SenseMaking workshops send an email to: programs (at) humantific (dot) com with workshops as the subject.

What is Visual SenseMaking?
Visual SenseMaking is the activity of making sense of ambiguous complex
situations through visual methods and tools including words, images,
drawings, diagrams, charts, graphs, etc. This involves not only visual thinking,
but creating visual ordering systems.

While the skill of Visual SenseMaking can be broadly applied to many life
situations on planet earth, in Humantific workshops we focus on Visual SenseMaking in the context of organizations, organizational situations, systems, processes,
challenges, opportunities, etc.

Is Humantific Visual SenseMaking different?
Yes! The Visual SenseMaking that we teach is not about drawing conversations.
We overlay an adaptable problem solving logic that makes for a much more
robust toolkit applicable to serious business challenges of all types. This
workshop takes you inside the world of Visual SenseMaking at Humantific.
Previously only offered as part of our extensive Complexity Navigation Program,
this new one-day stand-alone session is geared for business leaders who seek
to get started on the road to becoming a Visual SenseMaker.