Thoughts on THINK

Last week, the Humantific team took a field trip to Lincoln Center to see the THINK Exhibit. Sponsored by IBM in honor of their centennial, it showcases the tech giant’s many achievements in science, business, and everyday life, as well as current efforts to solve global challenges.

A tremendous amount of sensemaking and synthesis appears to have gone into the interactive experience. The entrance to the exhibit features a 123-foot-long data wall that pulses with glowing visualizations of data collected by sensors around New York City. Inside, a short film about “making the world work better” is displayed on seven-foot-tall, interactive touch screens. The film outlines a clear process of innovation: seeing, mapping, understanding, believing, and acting. By following this model, IBM proposes we can untangle complex systems and engage in meaningful interventions that make the world work better for us.

Overall, we found the exhibit inspiring, beautiful and engaging. Although the exhibit recently closed, we hope that IBM will extend the experience beyond this one-time event and allow more people to enjoy it.

Read Edward Rothstein’s review of the exhibit here:
Data as Art, as Science, as a Reason for Being | New York Times