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Accelerating Civic Innovation

Ten Key 2015 Considerations

Building on our work in progress Humantific CoFounder GK VanPatter shares insights on operationalizing civic innovation capacity building today. Humantific is proud to be a founding member of HumanCities Collaborative a new multi-firm consortium created to help civic leaders operationalize human-centered civic innovation in tangible, understandable and scalable ways. Continue Reading..


McKinsey: Trust Culture + Social = Gold

We were delighted to see the conclusions reached in the new McKinsey Global Institute Report entitled: The Social Economy: Unlocking value and productivity through social technologies:

“To reap the full benefit of social technologies, organizations must transform their structures, processes, and cultures: they will need to become more open and nonhierarchical and to create a culture of trust. Ultimately, the power of social technologies hinges on the full and enthusiastic participation of employees who are not afraid to share their thoughts and trust that their contributions will be respected. Creating these conditions will be far more challenging than implementing the technologies themselves.”

We certainly agree!

This is a realization that arrived rather late in the previous eCommerce era so we are happy to see it being stated clearly up front in this emerging Social Economy era.


E2: Go Social or Go Home?