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Experience Design Thinking

The (not so) SECRET (apparently forgotten) HISTORY (and future) OF EXPERIENCE DESIGN THINKING

Humantific CoFounder, GK VanPatter tackles another difficult subject posting to his Linkedin Blog.

“Happy summer Humantific readers! It is a super steamy week here in New York City! This weeks’ tricky topic: Our view on the evolution of “Experience Thinking”.

Recently we were inspired to write when it was brought to our attention that over on the now giant-sized 100,000+ member Design Thinking LinkedIn group a thread was bubbling up proclaiming the arrival of “Experience Thinking” right now in 2018! Yes, the proclamation was entitled “Design Thinking Grows Up: Welcome to Experience Thinking”“Taking Design Thinking to the Next Level”!

Who Knew?!! 🙂

Since Experience Design is part of our own practice history we decided that it might be useful to our readers if we make this subject the focus for this weeks’ post.

Most communities of practice have a time-line and Experience Design is no different. Understanding community of practice timelines can certainly help us collectively and realistically understand, not only the past, but more importantly what is going on right now and what challenges remain.”

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Scient Innovation Lab Ten Years After

This is a compilation of photos from the time that GK VanPatter and Elizabeth Pastor spent at Scient, prior to founding Humantific. It has been posted on YouTube for some time, but we thought we might repost it here.

GK VanPatter: “Our innovation-culture-building time at Scient was incredably exciting and full of learning experiences. I was the very first thinker on the Scient leadership team with a design background and had the privilege of working directly with other Scient leaders. Shortly after our arrival, Elizabeth and I conceived the inclusive innovation strategy of Scient 1.0 and the Innovation Acceleration Labs concept. Within 30 days of arriving, we had the greenlight to not only build Innovation Acceleration Labs but to train every person in the company in cross-disciplinary innovation skills.

We then proceeded to design the physical environments in New York and San Francisco, design the innovation learning program, build the delivery teams, and train several thousand people on both coasts–including many clients. Key to what we were able to accomplish was that we built on the strengths that had already been created within Scient. In a period of a couple of years, we learned a tremendous amount on the front lines of innovation-culture building that we carry with us in practice today. The Innovation Acceleration Labs significantly contributed to the public perception of Scient as an innovation driven company. Today we still work with numerous Scient colleagues in many companies around the world.”