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Humantific & FutureBankingLab

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All organizational leaders, perhaps especially those in the financial services industry, are facing enormous continous change today. For more than a year, Humantific has been working with the The Inter-American Development Bank’s FutureBankingLab designing and delivering a traveling proactive Beyond Banking Program.

The FutureBankingLab is essentially a multi-disciplinary, global think tank formed by institutions and experts in different areas of banking. It travels around the globe involving many stakeholders in structured dialogue.

Its purpose is to explore challenges and opportunties accross the global banking system at this time of great change. One of its functions is to promote sustainable governance principles that will empower the industry to thrive in a challenging future.

Having kicked off the program last year in Cologne, Germany, Humantific was recently invited back to lead the facilitation of another round of sessions in Madrid, this time focused on developing strategies to fund “The Missing Middle” in Latin America and the Caribbean’s financial sector, in  collaboration with IDB, BBVA (Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria) and the MIF (Multilateral Investment Fund).



Humantific Inspires SenseMaking MBA Thesis

It’s always great to see graduate students inspired by Humantific. Attending the Executive MBA program at University of Reading Business School in Denmark, our new best friend, Sandra Greve, recently completed her thesis entitled, Towards an Understanding of How to Enhance SenseMaking in Organizational Strategic Change.

A big Wooooooo Hoooooooo for Sandra!

As the rise of SenseMaking appears on more and more radar screens, what we are seeing is that seasoned professionals from many backgrounds are becoming interested.

Humantific is delighted to be part of an ever-expanding community, engaged from many different angles, in the re-examination and reinvention of SenseMaking. We started presenting on the subject in 1998 at a Cooper-Hewitt Conference, here in NYC. Not everyone understood what we were talking about then, but, since that time, we have seen steady growing interest in the value of continous SenseMaking in the context of a continously changing world.

If you have an interest in this subject, and would like to attend a future SenseMaker Dialogs event in Copenhagen, Madrid, Barcelona, New York, San Francisco, or Sao Paulo, feel free to subscribe to Humantific Quarterly or send us an email: programs (at) humantific (dot) com

To view and or download a full copy of Sandra Greve’s MBA thesis (Courtesy of Sandra), Click Here


NextD Geographies / SenseMaking is Rising

Understanding Social SenseMaking

SenseMaker Dialogs on Facebook

Social SenseMaking on Facebook


Humantific at Telefonica Madrid

Last week, Humantific’s Elizabeth Pastor was rocking away in Madrid teaching two back-to-back workshops at Telefonica. As part of an introduction to Humantific’s Complexity Navigation Program, Elizabeth taught A Glimpse into Visual SenseMaking and A Glimpse into Upstream Challenge Framing. Both sessions are designed to introduce cross-disciplinary skills useful to organizational leaders who are faced with challenges beyond product and service creation presumptions.

During the Visual SenseMaking workshop, participants learned the benefit of using visual models to bring clarity to complicated business ideas. Each person created their own visual toolkit and learned basic visual sensemaking skills.

The afternoon session was focused on Upstream Challenge Framing, a skill in high demand today as organizational leaders are increasingly tasked with tackling highly complex challenges in their institutions and communities.

Humantific’s Complexity Navigation Program focuses on a synthesized set of concrete skills that leaders can put into practice in their organizations and in societies.

Stay tuned for news about more Glimpse sessions in New York and San Francisco!

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Markets for Giving Workshop


Humantific has been working with LiquidNet for Good and Global Giving to codesign a three day Markets for Giving strategic cocreation workshop that was codelivered June 23-25 at Liquidnet corporate headquarters in New York.

Multinational workshop participants included thought leaders from numerous philanthropic organizations. In addition, Humantific provided the strategy cocreation methologies, the visual sensemaking and the hands-on process facilitation for this important event.

Working accross mutiple disciplines and organizations the participants were able to come together to cocreate a unified future philanthropic eco system visual model. Navigating through significant complexity the group was able to create unified challenge maps that became go-forward roadmaps for this important on-going initiative.

Helping diverse groups tackle complex social innovation challenges including infrastructure creation is exciting and meaningful work for the Humantific team. These are projects that we love to pitch in on and help out.

Participating organizations included:

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

Hewlett Foundation

Network for Good

Conexion Columbia

Help Argentina

Give Well

New Philanthropy Capital

Keystone Accountability

Hope Consulting

Great Non Profits


Mission Fish


Acumen Fund

Donors Choose

Charity Navigator


Root Cause

Social Actions



Sea Change Capital Partners


SenseMaking Glimpse Wraps in NYC

The free 2-hour Glimpse into Visual SenseMaking workshop wrapped in New York last week with 40+ enthusiastic attendees engaging in the session taught by Humantific CoFounder Elizabeth Pastor. The “Glimpse” program is a series of public workshops designed to introduce participants to basic fundamentals of Visual SenseMaking and to how Humantific applies Visual SenseMaking to real-world organizational and social challenges.

If you would like to get on the attendee list for the upcoming “Glimpse” sessions in San Francisco, Madrid, or Copenhagen send an email to programs (at) humantific (dot) com with the appropriate city as the subject.

“Glimpse” is an introduction to Humantific’s more advanced Complexity Navigation Program for change driving leaders. The Complexity Navigation Program combines accelerated skill-building in Strategic CoCreation, Design Research and Visual SenseMaking.

If you are a leader tasked with driving change and you would like to have a conversation with Humantific regarding how Complexity Navigation skills can help accelerate your change initiative send an email to programs (at) humantific (dot) com with Complexity Navigation as the subject.

See The Rise of Visual SenseMaking mapped to Design 1.0, 2.0, 3.0, 4.0

If you are interested in the Rise of Visual SenseMaking as a subject you can join:

SenseMaker Dialogs on Facebook

Social SenseMaking on Facebook

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Executive Summary Portrait of Louisiana

For those interested in the just published Portrait of Louisiana and the role of social sensemaking in driving social change an executive summary is now available in PDF form.

For more information on the Measure of America initiative go here:


Mississippi Portrait Launches

This week, A Portrait of Mississippi: Mississippi Human Development Report 2009 was launched in Jackson, Mississippi. It is the first special project follow up to The Measure of America: American Human Development Report 2008–2009, published in 2008 by Columbia University Press.

Mississippi ranks last among U.S. states on the American Human Development Index. This Social SenseMaking Study examines disparities by county, race, and gender. Enormous challenges exist in Mississippi that we hope to bring increased attention and understanding to.

Commissioned by the Mississippi State Conference NAACP and funded by Oxfam America, A Portrait of Mississippi was undertaken by the American Human Development Project team and Humantific.

The Measure of America and A Portrait of Mississippi were both designed to be evidence-based catalysts for societal change in the United States.

Recent News:

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New Report Finds Health and Income Disparities Among Mississippians

Why Boys Fail – Life as a black male in Mississippi…

Study: Life span of black males in Miss. shorter

‘Portrait of Mississippi’ shows disparities

An ugly portrait


Oxfam America


Making Research Actionable

Humantific is at work on several projects that involve integrating human-centered research into the continuous innovation process inside large global companies. While savvy organizational leaders have for some time been well aware of the power of using research based insights in the context of product, service and organizational change many have discovered that having mountains of data is not enough if the goal is action. Insightful leaders are figuring out that without a deep understanding of and appreciation for the cognitive needs of diverse individuals who will use the research, and without understanding the broader inclusive co-creation process expensive research will remain underappreciated and underutilized. Humantific is often asked to help by providing three key interconnected strategic services: conducting human-centered research, making that research understandable to diverse audiences and facilitating co-creation across multiple disciplines using the research as fuel for innovation. We do this with the Humantific toolbox, by applying hybrid methods from the emerging/converging fields of design thinking, innovation acceleration and transformation science. To engage with Humantific in New York or Madrid contact: projects (at) humantific (dot) com.


Visual SenseMaking for Leaders

Humantific will hold its first OPEN Visual SenseMaking for Leaders Workshop in October, 2008 in New York. Previously only available as part of the Complexity Navigation Program (seen in the photos above) this new condensed Introduction to Visual SenseMaking is designed as a one day session for business leaders who have to explain complex ideas, stories, strategies, products, services, change initiatives, etc, to diverse audiences; investors, partners, employees, customers, etc. Participants are introduced to the power of visual thinking and learn some basic methods for making visual sense of complex situations. This one day workshop is ideally suited to business executives, team leaders, project managers who want to tap into Visual SenseMaking as part of their design thinking toolbox. Space is limited. If you would like more info about this or any Humantific learning program send an email to programs (at) humantific (dot) com.


CoCreating Strategy

Humantific | StrategyLab has begun working with a telecommunications company in Madrid.

In StrategyLab we work upstream from a typical design brief in the fuzzy opportunity space. We combine upstream research with Visual SenseMaking to create an insights field that accelerates understanding among cross-disciplinary participants. The insights field is then connected to an externalized visual cocreation process that all team members learn and participate in. Humantific provides the research, visual sense-making and co-creation acceleration tools. Our clients provide the content knowledge. Using this unique combination repeatable transformations are co-created. This is inclusive innovation realized! In addition our clients begin using this hybrid skill-set to navigate the future and in the context of their everyday work.

For more information about Humantific services in Europe email: ask (at) humantific.com