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Humantific at Icograda Madrid

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Humantific CoFounder Elizabeth Pastor will be speaking on SenseMaking for ChangeMaking at Icograda’s Straight to Business Conference in Madrid, June 24-25.

“Straight to Business: Icograda Design Week in Madrid 2010 will bring together designers, business leaders, key regional and international stakeholders. This event will be a forum to discuss the business side of design and recognise communication design as a key strategic tool to drive economic growth.

Icograda regards the Icograda Design Week in Madrid 2010 as an opportunity to build on existing relationships and create new dialogue with Members, key stakeholders and decision makers driving the global agenda.

The conference takes place from 24-25 June and will include invited European and international speakers. The theme ‘Straight to Business’ has been organized around these four topics:

  1. New business models
  2. Keys to growth in business
  3. Design and new economy
  4. Design beyond business

Simultaneous English/Spanish translation will be available throughout the conference sessions.”

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GK VanPatter at Åarhus School of Architecture

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Humantific Co-Founder GK VanPatter will give two talks in Denmark in June on SenseMaking for ChangeMaking. On June 9th he will present at the Danish Designers Annual Conference General Assembly at the Aarhus School of Architecture in Åarhus. On June 10th he will speak at the University of Aalborg in Aalborg.

Advancing rapidly beyond where many American, Canadian and Australian design schools remain focused we see considerable interest in the Beyond Service Design activity space in Denmark, Finland and Sweden.

Translation from the Danish Designers website:

“Garry K. VanPatter working with transformational design. The first time he visited Denmark was in a lecture at the Copenhagen Business School. Now he has agreed to participate in a conference with Danish Designers. VanPatter is co-founder of design firm Humantific, New York, which is deep and the boundaries of design when the company is working with cultural and organizational change. Want to know what design is capable of and how far one can go, then Humantific is one of the best offers in the world. www.humantific.com . This conference takes place on 9 June at. 13:00 to 15:30 at Aarhus School of Architecture, North Gate 20, 8000 Aarhus C (the new building).

For more information regarding these events write directly to Steinar Valade-Amland at the Danish Designers Association in Denmark: sa (at) danishdesigners (dot) com

About Danish Designers

“Danish Designers is one of Europe’s few truly multi disciplinary designers’ associations, representing both practitioners and others, working professionally with design. Counting more than 1000 members, the organization makes up an effective and influential platform with a mandate to speak on behalf of a joint professional design community in Denmark.

Our activities encompass different events for members, collating and disseminating relevant knowledge, network building and facilitation, educational programmes and advisory services as well as external communications and lobbying to raise the awareness and appreciation of the role that design and the competences of Danish Designers play in terms of strengthening competitiveness and innovation and to enhance people’s quality of life.”


GK VanPatter at Swinburne University

Now viewable in virtual book form: The presentation made by GK VanPatter on November 22, 2009 at the Swinburne Design Thinking Conference in Melbourne, Australia and on November 25 at Swinburne University School of Design.

Learn more about Humantific SenseMaking/ChangeMaking initiatives here:

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Direct all questions to programs (at) humantific (dot) com


GK VanPatter at Swinburne University


Humantific Co-Founder, GK VanPatter will attend the ReThinking Design Education Conference being organized by Dr Ken Friedman, Dean of the School of Design at Swinburne University of Technology in Melbourne, Australia on November 21-22.

Sixty thought leaders have been invited to discuss opportunities and possible futures for graduate design education. Dr. Friedman is leading the charge at Swinburne to create a new 21st century design school.

VanPatter will also give a talk on SenseMaking for ChangeMaking at the School of Design on Nov 25 at Swinburne University.


Humantific on Radio Finland

Humantific CoFounder, Garry K. VanPatter was interviewed at the Creative Economy & Beyond Conference in Helsinki by Barbro Björkfelt, journalist, documentary film maker for YLE Finnish Broadcasting Company. At the conference VanPatter introduced the NextD SenseMaking Framework of Design 1.0, 2.0, 3.0, 4.0 which became the talk of the two day session and helped propel the focus towards strategic design and away from old notions of design as product creation.

Here’s the link.



Humantific at Design Next in India

Humantific CoFounder, Elizabeth Pastor will be giving a talk on SenseMaking for ChangeMaking at the Design Next / Inspiring Transformation Conference in Pune, India December 1-3 2008.

From the conference program: “The Value of Design: There is more to design than simply about “look and feel”. Design is about creating strategic solutions to business problems. The speakers in this section will describe the importance of design in todays economy and will talk about the increasingly crucial role of design in competitiveness of companies in the global economy.”

Of course to answer the question about the value of “design” one has to be able to decipher and explain which “design” one is referring to. Elizabeth will be talking about the value of Design 3.0 / Transformation Design.

Find more details on the conference in Pune see here:

Also see Reflections on the 2007 Leadership by Design Summit in Bangalore.


Beyond Users & Experience

Humantific CoFounder and Editor of NextD Journal GK VanPatter takes five questions from Julien McHardy a Graduate Student studying transformation design. GK VanPatter shares his perspective on the activity terrain beyond the framework of users and experience where leading transformation oriented practices are already operating.

“Julien McHardy: I am currently a student at the Master of Research in Creative Practices course and of the transformation design course with Irene McAra-McWilliam at the Glasgow School of Art. My recent interest as a designer and researcher are the implications of design approaches that no longer focus on objects or users but on the very processes of design and use.

I follow the transforming-transformation group and the NextD journal for a while now and feel that a lot of the discussions closely relate to my research questions and provide a refreshing vantage point to the perspectives on transformational design within the UK. Your work is an inspiration to my research. I am currently conducting a range of expert interviews as part of my master’s thesis on the role of design in the creation of creative communities and I am most excited to interview you in this context.”

You can download the interview document for free on the NextD site:

Beyond Users & Experience
Making Sense of Human-Centered Design Now!


Humantific Book

Humantific CoFounders, Elizabeth Pastor and GK VanPatter are at work writing
SenseMaking for ChangeMaking, Making Innovation and Change Happen, a new book focused on the SenseMaking revolution underway in the innovation enabling arena. Pioneers of the modern, Visual SenseMaking movement VanPatter and Pastor made their first conference presentation on the role of Visual SenseMaking in innovation acceleration in 1999 at Cooper Hewitt National Design Museum, New York. The new book opens a window into ten years of lessons learned in practice working with organizations in the context of change and innovation initiatives, as well as sharing the emerging state of Visual SenseMaking for ChangeMaking today. If you would like to get on the Humantific book list send an email to projects (at) humantific (dot) com.

Update: 2012. Yes this book is still being worked on in between client projects. Yes we are a little behind schedule!